1. How can I become a wholesale customer?
Click on 'New user click to register' fill in the details requested and click 'Submit' if your application has been successful you will be emailed a password to enable you to log in.
2. Are the crystals that I order the same as the crystals in the photos?
We will send crystals, as close as possible to the photos on the website, however as each crystal is unique, it is almost certain that the crystal in the photo has already been sold, in which case you will receive an equally beautiful crystal. Some larger crystals are sold individually in which case you will receive the crystals that are in the photos.
3. How long before my order is sent and I receive it?
We will send your order within 48 hours, depending on your location from Shellharbour NSW. You should receive your order within 7 days.
4. How do I pay for my order?
We accept payment by Visa & Mastercard, also by direct deposit. Payment needs to be made before your order is sent.
5. Can I visit the warehouse?.
     Yes, we welcome  visitors by appointment only.
6. What are your opening hours?
We are open Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm.
Closed Saturday/Sunday & public holidays, and 3 weeks over Christmas.
7. How do I place an order?
Once logged in you will be able to view the wholesale prices, the quantities, sizes and pieces per item, of all the crystals. You can then add items to 'Shopping Cart' and when your order is complete, 'checkout' and pay with our Commonwealth Bank secured online payment system using your credit card. If you need to take more time to create an order, the items that you place in the shopping cart are automatically saved and will still be there when you next log in.
8. How acurate is the content on the website?
We update the details on the website daily and the content will be accurate for the items that you order.


HWH Crystals
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