Health Wealth Happiness Crystals has agents in some areas of Australia, they may be able to come to visit you if you are a business with a selection of wholesale crystals, Rocks and Stones, for you to choose from.

We have micro wholesale crystal warehouses in the following areas,

Sydney: 0412 731 372

Melbourne: 0419 856 651

Brisbane: 0404 118 245

Central & North NSW: 0435 613 344

If you are a business and would like to visit one of our micro crystal warehouses or would like one of our agents to call on you with the crystals, please call during business hours, to confirm an appointment, we would love to be able to help you with your wholesale crystal, stone and rock needs. Main Warehouse 02 4297 4975

HWH Crystals
P O Box 216
Oak Flats 2529
New South Wales
Head Office:
0242 974975
0403 072873
Sydney: 0412 731372
Melbourne: 0419 856651
Brisbane: 0404 118245
North NSW: 0435 613344