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Various Crystal Shapes And Their Benefits


  Various Crystal Shapes and Their Benefits


All crystals are not created equal! Each shape has its own benefits and characteristics. Here we have listed most of the various shapes of crystals so that you get to choose the right one for your needs.

Did you know? The characteristics and benefits of crystals are determined by their shapes and sizes. It means that being familiar with those shapes and sizes will help you to choose the perfect shaped crystal.

Before exploring anything about crystal shapes, it is important to know that some forms of crystals occur naturally while some others are manmade shapes and crystals.


Abundance crystal is one long, Quartz crystal which is clustered with smaller crystals around its base. It is considered to be the stone of wealth & business, especially when placed in the ‘wealth corner’ of a house or workplace according to the Feng Shui of your environment.

Amorphous crystals lack a clearly defined shape or form, hence the name. Generally, they look like an odd cut out piece from the mother rock. However, they are believed to be a good powerhouse of energy due to their unique internal crystalline structure, making them a strong generator of energy and possibly instant in their effect on your intentions.

Ancestral Timeline

Ancestral timeline crystals come with a very clear flat ledge leading from the base of the crystal toward the top. Its fault line is used to trace the root of family pain and disease. This is why this crystal can be useful in detecting the source of a family disturbance so that it can be stopped from being passed on to future generations.

Natural Point

Natural point crystals are generally a wand-like formation, however, they can occur in other shapes also. Care should be used while holding these natural points as they can draw energy when they are pointed towards the body and drive energy away when they are pointed away. They are a good medium for healing and cleansing work when used in a positive and strengthening manner.

Cathedral Quartz

Cathedral Quartz is believed to be the source of wisdom. Most practitioners consider this type of quartz crystal to be the “absorber” of everything that has occurred on the planet.

Generally, they are large pieces being clustered with several convoluted or separate pieces that lead to the main crystal having multiple facades with at least one point at the apex.

One can access the light library of cathedral quartz by performing a meditation with it.


A cluster, as the name implies, is a group of several pieces or points lined up next to each other forming one mass. They radiate energy to the surrounding environment and absorb negative energy. It is always a good idea to programme them before placing in a home or office or even in the environment. 


A generator has six “heads” that meet into one point at the apex. These heads can be equal or unequal. The crystal is called generator as it generates amplified energy, enhancing the power of other crystals. This is why it is widely used to charge other stones.


A Pyramid is the most common formation of crystals which is characterized by its four equal facets and a square base. These shapes are widely used to ground negative energy and remove obstacles within the chakra system.


Geode stones look different from their internal formation that can be a hollow cave dotted with sparkling crystals. They are recognized for holding energy that can be used to heal abuse and negative behaviours as well as enhancing relationships and creating a psychic bridge between people.


A Sphere is considered to be a powerful formation as they emit energy evenly from all angles and are accepted as perfect in their design. They look like a ball, Sphere crystals are often great value for the energy that can be transmitted by them.


Phantom crystals are translucent with a slight blurring within them of what looks like a crystal inside the external crystal. The ghost like image or phantom within the crystal is believed to reveal information about the past. Some stones come with additional benefits depending on the ability of that particular crystal “phantom”.


This shape of crystal is efficient in driving away all negative energies. The stone is used in meditation and is believed to turn any negative energy into positive energy even during the first meditation. Square crystals are good for jobs and tasks that require a high level of concentration.


Aperture crystals are available in two formations—gateway and key.

Gateway crystals contain a cup shaped depression within it that holds liquid. Looking into the liquid centre gives you a view to other worlds and makes you able to go through past, the present and the future. These shapes of crystals are widely used to prepare crystal healing water and crystals essences in order to enhance your spiritual vision and psychic faculties. Always check any mineral related toxicity before using Crystal Water and Essences.

The Key crystal has a hollow side which narrows as it penetrates the crystal. The “hollow side” is considered a doorway to possible hidden aspects of one’s self. Meditation with a key crystal brings out images from your subconscious mind while driving away unrealistic illusions. It helps the wearer move on from challenges that are not achieving personal growth.

In a barnacle formation, small crystals often cover the larger crystal that is considered to provide wisdom to the younger crystals. It is beneficial for both home and office. This crystal is said to emit a solid energy that promotes teamwork in an office environment or in the family home. It is also used to recover from the pain of separation from loved ones. 

In Summary

Here we have listed some popular and easily accessible formations as the list can be exhaustive. Choose the crystal that can address your concerns. Make sure to shop from a reputed wholesale crystal supplier here in Australia.


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