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Healing Crystals and How To Use Them!

 Do you want to learn about crystal healing & how it is done – which crystal is right for you? Then continue reading as this guide on healing crystals has everything you need to know! Crystal healing is as old as the advent of the ancient civilisations in India, Mesopotamia, and Greece. It is safe to say that it is at least a 6,000 years old practice. Crystals are believed to interact with the energy centres or the ‘chakras’ of the body, thereby promoting relief and grounding excess negative energies. Despite the belief that crystal healing is a non-traditional healing system or pseudo-science, crystal healing has become popular over the years as people are looking for a holistic approach to fix their concerns which can step from the modern environment and f
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Top 5 Crystals for Prosperity & Wealth

Have you ever wondered how you can use crystals to attract money and wealth? Whether you are a business or individual, it takes hard work, the right decisions & productivity to make any money. So how can one use a crystal to fulfil this desire? Crystals unleash positive energy when you hold them or place them near you. They do this by interacting with your body’s energy field (known as chakra). This way, you fill with positive energy and get clarity of mind; you feel motivated. When you are filled with such positives, you are likely to make the right financial decisions for yourself. Below, we have rounded up 5 of the most effective crystals, that may help you attract money & wealth! Citrine   Citrine is a bright, often orange or yellow toned crystal that is kn
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Various Crystal Shapes And Their Benefits

  Various Crystal Shapes and Their Benefits Introduction: All crystals are not created equal! Each shape has its own benefits and characteristics. Here we have listed most of the various shapes of crystals so that you get to choose the right one for your needs. Did you know? The characteristics and benefits of crystals are determined by their shapes and sizes. It means that being familiar with those shapes and sizes will help you to choose the perfect shaped crystal. Before exploring anything about crystal shapes, it is important to know that some forms of crystals occur naturally while some others are manmade shapes and crystals. Abundance Abundance crystal is one long, Quartz crystal which is clustered with smaller crystals around its base. It is considered to be the stone o
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