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Understanding the Science behind Crystal Healing


The concept of stones as a guide, healing tool, transmitter and receiver of energy has been recognized by many different cultures for centuries. Why have crystals and stones been so revered since the dawn of civilization? The answer is simple—they ooze positive energy. Although science doesn’t believe that such healing powers exist, many people have experienced them as soon as they use the stones. 


How Do Crystals Generate Healing Energy?


The shape and structure of their (crystal) atoms provide something that we humans don't have, an almost perfect and constant frequency of vibration. Everything in the universe is a vibration. Each mineral is unique, in that it has a solid and unchanging physical structure. Each crystal or stone vibrates or emits energy at a reliable and constant rate, and has a "dominant oscillatory rate". This vibratory frequency is determined by its internal structure, composition and colour. 


What Happens When You Use a Stone for Healing?


When you allow a stone or crystal into your field, its constant and unwavering frequency interacts with your own energy and brings it into a more balanced state.


When your body is in a natural state of health, the vibrational frequencies of your cells, your organs, your whole self work together, like a harmonized and beautiful symphony. 


Your body falls into a state of unease when the vibration frequencies are static, chaotic, or disharmonious. Placing minerals, crystals, and stones on or near your body can help bring your physical and energetic body back into a state of balance.


How to Make the Most of Crystal’s Healing Powers?


Learn About the Energy of Each Mineral:


Spend a few days with a stone and be mindful, really tune in to the physical sensations, feelings, thoughts and messages that come to you.


Keep Them at Your Bedside:


Keeping a stone on or near the body can help draw out negative energy without affecting the wearer. 


Use Them While Meditating:


When connecting with your stones during meditation, a change in vibrational frequency may leading to deep healing on all levels that can take place.


Carry Your Stones With You Every Day:


Pay attention to your energy level and mental and emotional states. Notice how you feel when you encounter known stressors.


Keep a Dream Journal:


As you become more balanced and open, you may notice that your dreams change dramatically: you may remember more of your dreams, you may have more clarity regarding the meaning of dreams and messages received. Your dreams can be more vivid and multidimensional.


Get to Know the Composition and Properties of Each Stone:


There is so much incredible literature available that can provide a wealth of information on the properties of stones and minerals. Remember, these are only guidelines, so only take the information that resonates with you. Keep in mind that each stone you incorporate into your life will create its own fusion with your unique energy signature. Therefore, your experience will be quite personal.


Important Healing Stones You Can Use


Well, there are many healing stones to choose from. Each stone has its own healing properties, making them suitable for certain conditions. Here we have rounded up some essential stones you can use for any specific concern. 


Black Tourmaline:


It is the stone of energy transmutation. The presence of black tourmaline on your body or in your area can take chaotic energy and put it in a neutral and balanced state. Its properties and characteristics: soothing, anchored, relaxing, protective, earthy.


Smoky Quartz


Like tourmaline, it is an earth anchor stone. With the high vibrational properties of quartz and the strong, rooted energy of this beautiful planet, it is truly a marriage of heaven and earth.


Its properties and characteristics: protective, supportive, mysterious, anchored, magical.




This stone has been highly revered and used for healing since ancient times. Wearing or using Amethyst creates a high vibrating shield around you. Its energy facilitates deep meditative states, making it perfect for connecting with the Divine.


Its properties and characteristics: light, angelic, uplifting, soothing, stimulating, protective.


Rose quartz: 


It is the stone of love. Whether you are working on self-esteem, unconditional love for others, or expanding unconditional love, you won't find energy sweeter than the frequency of rose quartz.


Its properties and characteristics: loving, joyful, luminous, positive, expansive, connected.


Colourless Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal: 


Quartz amplifies energy and is programmable, making it the perfect companion to diffuse your intention into the Universe. When it has finished its task, simply clean it (we recommend that you clean it with plain water) and it will be ready for another mission.


Its properties and characteristics: powerful, direct, light, wise, bewitching, pure.


We hope you have understood more about the healing powers of crystals. However, we don’t encourage you to trust this article blindly. Shop the crystals online or at your nearest crystal shop in Australia to see the difference yourself.

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