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Top 7 Crystals for Anxiety and Stress


Whether it’s a business meeting, or you have an important exam the next day - feeling anxious and worried is quite natural.Anxiety and stress can be caused by past experiences, current life situations, health problems, and even certain drugs and medication. There are many ways in which you can calm yourself down, including breathing exercises, relaxation therapy, consultations & medication.

However, it is important to understand the root cause that triggers anxiety. This is the state when we are surrounded by negativity and not able to see the clear picture.

If we feel positive, and review the scenario with a composed mind, we can potentially overcome anxiety. Crystal therapy has been a popular way to calm down the mind and body for ages, as crystals unleash positive vibes and promote clarity of mind. Keeping them with you can be a great idea, especially while going through stressful events. Below we have outlined some useful crystals for anxiety and stress.


Amethyst is believed to be one of the most powerful healing stones. It is said to ease stress while increasing the inner strength. The crystal also brings spiritual enhancement and protection as well as promoting clarity of the mind.


Bloodstone is praised for its healing energy which purifies and detoxifies the body. The crystal is believed to ground the negative energy, while cleansing your energy. It can be useful in increasing energy and strength, while stimulating the energy flow throughout the body.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is believed to ease nerves and calm down the mind as well. It may also help in achieving relaxation during stages of depression and anxiety. The crystal can also be used to relieve headaches and insomnia.


Carnelian is a powerful stone, often used to activate Sacral Chakra. It enhances personal power and physical energy, promoting courage, compassion & creativity in you. It can also be worn to improve vitality and will - which in turns boost your confidence within to accomplish new projects and dreams. You can wear also it to attract good luck and opportunity.


Chrysocolla brings peace and healing, making it a useful stone in particularly stressful events. Chrysocolla cleanses negative energies of all kinds, especially when you are going through major changes, including unemployment & trauma. The healing powers of Chrysocolla are said to provide strength to face challenges while enhancing balance, self-awareness and the capacity to love.


Often termed as the Stone of Peace, Sodalite is believed to calm the mind and ease panic attacks, and it can be kept in a purse or pocket for conveniently carrying around comforting energy - useful in the prevention of negative emotions. Sodalite is also said to promote self-confidence and help in self-expression, so keep it with you whenever you feel nervous about expressing your thoughts and ideas.


Inadequate sleep can also lead to stress and anxiety. White Howlite is said to help with sleep issues when kept under the pillow. The calming energy may help with insomnia, especially when the major cause is an overactive mind. Howlite promotes wisdom, patience and helps overcome feelings of anger. Keep it in a pocket to carry positivity wherever you go. 

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