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Top 5 Crystals for Prosperity & Wealth


Have you ever wondered how you can use crystals to attract money and wealth?

Whether you are a business or individual, it takes hard work, the right decisions & productivity to make any money. So how can one use a crystal to fulfil this desire?

Crystals unleash positive energy when you hold them or place them near you. They do this by interacting with your body’s energy field (known as chakra). This way, you fill with positive energy and get clarity of mind; you feel motivated. When you are filled with such positives, you are likely to make the right financial decisions for yourself. Below, we have rounded up 5 of the most effective crystals, that may help you attract money & wealth!



Citrine is a bright, often orange or yellow toned crystal that is known for attracting money and fortune. It is especially ideal for businesses and traders, and is often called the, ‘Merchants stone of Wealth.’ Citrine is great for the zodiac signs of Sagittarius & Cancer, and for people who are seeking business success. For best results, place your Citrine in your drawer or safe. 

This crystal works by increasing self-confidence and alleviating the mood, its energy maximises willpower and helps you feel more confident in making financial decisions. It is somewhat easy to program Citrine to attract money and fortune, just sit with the stone for a few minutes and meditate. Ask the stone for guidance and help with money.


Topaz, often in yellow or lighter shades is another stone that is often used to attract success & wealth. It is perfect for the zodiac sign Scorpio, as it offers gentle power which heals and stimulates to bring peace & joy. It is a Silicate mineral, acting as an enhancement crystal to bring the forces of attraction. Topaz may help with clarity of the mind & improve focus to turn desires into reality!



Jade, often a crystal Green in colour is often praised for the ability to attract growth & prosperity. This oriental crystal is useful when you need to clear your thoughts & make financial decisions. Jade is believed to guard off misfortune and evil, and some even consider it to bring good luck and love! No wonder this is one of the most common stones to be kept at shops and offices. This stone is ideal for the zodiac signs of Taurus, Gemini & Scorpio


Many crystal experts recommend Sapphire (Yellow especially) for those who have experienced financial loss, and it is also great for those who are looking to obtain fortune and success. As a bonus - Sapphire is a wisdom stone and may help you make sound decisions; the stone is said to carry good luck with it. Wearing this precious stone will stimulate the lost luck and let you achieve affluent status in your life. Sapphire is also a great stone for the zodiac signs Virgo & Gemini!


Labradorite is a beneficial stone for those who are looking to gain strength & perseverance. It may also improve intuition and enhance psychic abilities! There are many other benefits associated with Labradorite, including assistance with creativity & imagination, attraction of wealth and luck, and it may even help to drive away negative energies that influence bad decision-making. Labradorite is believed to be useful to the zodiac signs Leo, Sagittarius & Scorpio!

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