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Top 4 Crystals For Your Bedside!



Getting a full nights rest is so important, especially for your health - but sometimes it's just not that simple! Stress, concerns, anxiety and insomnia are just some of the things that can alter our sleep patterns negatively. There is a way that you can potentially ease these, by bringing soothing crystals into the bedroom to take in all their soft, healing properties! Keep on reading to see the top four most used crystals in the bedroom for promoting a healthy sleep!

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is believed to be ideal for easing your concerns and worries. This means that the light blue stone is perfect for calming and relaxing after a long & potentially stressful day. Blue Lace Agate has been used for decades to lower pressures in the body and relax muscles, making this a great stone for keeping by the bed when it comes the time to wind down and sleep.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a perfect stone for warmth and loving energies, increasing your vibrations! This pink stone is so soothing that keeping it beneath your pillow - ideally in the form of a palm stone - may be enough to lull you straight into a deep sleep. If you are prone to suffering from nightmares, this crystal is even more ideal - as it brings the most positive of vibes and essentially wards off any negativity.



There is a reason this crystal is the most popular crystal to keep in your bedroom - believed to be incredibly useful in combating stress and anxiety. The healing properties of this purple crystal include purifying the mind of concerns, subsequently easing sleep issues caused by an overactive mind. No more late nights, or having to deal with nightmares if you keep this magical crystal by your bedside! It is important to consider this crystal carefully if you are bothered by dreams - as Amethyst is often used to open the third eye chakra and may enhance spirituality of dreams.



Selenite is a great stone for cleansing an area, making it perfect for keeping the sleeping environment calm. On top of this, it is believed to cleanse the other crystals it surrounds! You can also place your other crystals and stones on top of a Selenite log to charge them up for a restful nights sleep. We recommend tumbled stones for this, or flat stones as they won't roll off!

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