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The Best Crystals for Your Garden


Who doesn't want a luscious & thriving garden without having to put too much work into it? I think many of us could say we do! Sometimes forgetting to give your favourite plants the right amount of sunshine or water means that they might become less than thriving in time. Don't fret!

These stones mentioned below are perfect for your garden, and may even be your secret weapon to the green, colourful, beautiful garden of your dreams! Keep on reading to find out which one is perfect for your needs.


Green Moss Agate

Green Moss Agate is widely believed to hold a strong connection to the Earth, offering your garden grounding and balance, vitality. Known to be the 'gardeners stone,' or talisman it's quite literally a good luck stone for your plants! This crystal may increase plant growth, keeping your favourite plants health and thriving their best. It may even help you bond with your garden, creating a synergy between you and the Earth!



Moonstone is believed to be the stone of fertility and health, and is perfect for Lunar energy, which may also be incredibly useful to have in your kit if your gardening is influenced by the phases of the Moon! Moonstone may be a great stone for assisting with restorative health within people, and it works quite similarly for your plants as well, making sure that they are all growing to the best of their ability thanks to the powers of the Moon!



Similar to Moonstone, Citrine is believed to carry the energy of the Sun! This means that keeping the crystal in your garden will bring about warmth and energising vibes to combat even the most dreary and cold days for your plants! Citrine is also known to be a great crystal for abundance, so if it's a plentiful garden of beautiful vegetables or flowers you are trying to build - Citrine is the perfect stone to scatter around the soil. The golden stone comes in all different shapes and sizes, though the rough variety is recommended for your soil.


Clear Quartz

This Clear crystal stimulates growth and healing, and is especially great for Tomato plants as it is believed to fend off pests and disease in the soil surrounding. Clear Quartz on it's own holds such a strong healing power that it can increase the healing properties of the crystals that surround it. If you intend to have a full and lively garden with many of the stones mentioned in this post, we definitely recommend that you grab yourself a Clear Quartz for that collection - to heighten and boost all the healing properties!



Malachite is a great stone, believed to be useful for fertility of all kinds. For the garden, Malachite may keep your plants abundant and growing with the vegetation plentiful! It doesn't stop there though, as Malachite is a great crystal when it comes to avoiding EMF radiation, and may be very useful when your garden is positioned near electrical panels, or outdoor wiring. Plants don't like electricity, and Malachite is a perfect way to combat this!

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