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Sacral Chakra Stones For Joy & Creativity!

The second energy point as per the seven chakra system is denoted by the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is situated below your belly button, in your abdomen. This chakra is denoted by the colour orange and is known to have a very strong association to water. The sacral chakra is generally related to creativity and joy as well as physical and emotional well-being. Let us look at how unblocking your sacral chakra can help you in achieving the greatness you deserve:


Why is the sacral chakra important?

The fascination for emotional connection, pleasure, and fun is rooted in all people as it is vital to human well-being.

If your sacral chakra is blocked, it can have the following effects:

     Physical effects such as pain in the lower back, hips, and pelvis, hips.

     Sexual issues that arise unexpectedly

     Low blood sugar

     Fatigue in the body and a general feeling of tiredness

     Emotionally, it can cause emotions of disinterest, difficulty, emotional detachment, and shame.


Best stones for unblocking the sacral chakra

Since the colour of the sacral chakra is orange, the stones that can unblock this chakra are also orange. Here are three of the best stones that you can get online at affordable wholesale prices to use to meditate with and heal your sacral chakra:



Carnelian is a red, yellow, and or orange gemstone which is generally either of the three colours or banded with all three colours. The brilliant and fiery colour of this crystal can fill up your sacral chakra with equivalent energy and zeal. Carnelian is also commonly called the “Stone of Creativity.” These carnelian crystals have spiritual ties to courage, resilience, and motivation. The carnelian sacral chakra recovery is especially effective when needing to delegate more and placing your own self-care first. Watch Carnelian Video Here


Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is a stabilizing and warm golden-orange to a reddish-brown gemstone laced with dark lines. Some of the main benefits of tiger eye are power, protection, and courage. Tiger Eye can help you in balancing both your sacral and root chakras. These natural crystals can offer you grounding and protective energies that support your root chakra while increasing creativity and willpower to boost your sacral chakra. Always err on the side of caution when working with tiger eye as there is crystallized asbestos contained within these crystals.


Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is a resonant crystal that looks like fizzy orange soda. Many times it is even known as the “Stone of Joy.” Orange calcite is one of the more well-known from the calcite crystal family due to its properties of boosting energy and enhancing creativity. If you use an orange Calcite Orange, it can allow your creative and sensual energies to flow quite freely and support a blissful investigation of your developing creativity. In addition, Orange calcite offers your soul a certain warm nourishment with a light that offers a deeper perspective in preventing listlessness or apathy. Watch Orange Calcite Video of Pendulums.



A lot of people anticipate using a white moonstone crystal for the sacral chakra. However, you can also try the orange variety of this crystal. However any moonstone could be used to open up your sacral chakra. The moonstone crystal advantages are excellent for acclimating oneself to change. Moonstone is even called the “Stone of New Beginnings” and has a feminine nature that is supported by lunar vibrations. These characteristics together denote the physical elements of fertility with creative new endeavors and when wanting to be in sync with your lunar cycle fertility. Moreover, Moonstone promotes greater empathy and emotional intelligence, which are vital in constructing healthy affection for others. Moonstone Video



Feeling content and reassured about who you are, holding the privilege to communicate your feelings, and examining the joy of association with other people is important to mental health. Sacral chakra crystals and stones can support this objective, conveying the confidence and amenity you want to depict yourself creatively and uncover your authentic origins of joy. Above all remember to have fun and enjoy your creative journey, wherever it may take you.


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