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Labradorite: Meaning, Healing Properties & Powers


What is Labradorite?

Labradorite is one of the semi-precious plagioclase stones that have a Feldspar compound that can generally reveal a various number of colours if it gets in contact with light, it is known as Labradorite. The colours that flash when these crystals are in a light source are called "adularescence" or "labradorescence". Spectrolite is also a different name for this spectacular stone.


How is labradorite helpful?

If you want yourself to be awakened to your inner magical abilities, this stone could help you do it. Labradorite is in a class of crystals called the "stone of magic", which specializes in enhancing spiritual capacity and improves deeper connections. Labradorite is believed to hold powers and magic along with its’ wide dancing spectrum of colours. Labradorite could help you in connecting with unexplored dimensions of reality and getting in touch with your innermost light reflections. It could help to create psychic abilities and in enhancing your visual capacity while identifying with your inner eye or assist with opening the third eye. Labradorite is normally used in some rituals and works as a kind of psychic protection.


Healing properties associated with Labradorite

Interesting powers against which Labradorite is found to help and be effective include: 

       Protection to the wearer from both inside and out

       Regulation of lower pressure

       Blood regulation

       Treatment of eye disorders

       Removal of debris that is associated with previous insecurities and disappointments

       Increasing trust and faith

       Healing each wound from within

       Strengthening spiritual, emotional, and physical life

       Boosting self-determination

       Sharpening psychic abilities

       Expanding the sixth sense of the wearer while keeping them prepared and safe

       Aiding in brokenness, depression, fears, and self-doubts

       Allows your body to deliver good energy vibrations to offer you better wisdom

       Balancing energy that can bring your reality into the real world.

       Offering you a protective feature even while you are asleep

       Acting as a magnet that imparts good luck against any misfortunes.

       Offering significant impacts on life expectations, career growth, business, and wealth.

       Empowering and developing spiritual growth

       Supporting meditations that are capable of raising inter-dimensional traverse and consciousness. It is believed to be a tool meant for Shamans that have access to various dimensions of knowledge and reality.


Benefits of Labradorite

Here are the most significant benefits of using Labradorite to induce spiritual, physical and emotional healing:

Emotional: Emotional healing with Labradorite promotes self-worth, determination, and self-confidence. Labradorite helps people who are going through emotional breakdowns or traumas. It offers them energy-oriented powers that can assist with goal orientation, focus, courage, and strength.

Physical: Labradorite can help in reducing tension, depression, anxiety, and stress while helping with eye problems, metabolism problems, troubles with digestion, respiratory problems, gout, coughs, cold and physical pain.

Mind: Labradorite can balance innovative and logical minds. It can help you in connecting with the two parts of your mind smoothly and seamlessly.

Body: Labradorite can help you in balancing your blood pressure while making you more relaxed. Labradorite has long been used to restore mental acuity and treat brain disorders. Labradorite can also help in relaxing menstrual tension such as dysmenorrhea and body cramps. Labradorite can soothe your blood flow and ease your pain.

Spiritual: Labradorite spiritual significance energizes your creativity to create unique ideas, obtaining clarity to your internal self, bringing peace, promoting opening of the third eye, encouraging truth and flexibility, awakening balance and freedom and easing the flow of energy within your body moving it towards a more natural state.



Labradorite has two main characteristics and attributes: protection and magic. These two meanings have potent elements that are guardians of the mineral kingdom. Labradorite is meant to create an inner chakra that can shield you against negativity and misfortunes. Some of the nest Labradorite can be found here at great wholesale prices, colours varying from Yellow, Golden, Blue, Green and Purple within a brown or green base. This is truly a mesmerizing stone that can take you to different states of awareness.

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