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How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Crystal Healing

How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Crystal Healing


In these unprecedented times, where anxiety and stress are a part of life, holistic living is among the best ways to restore tranquility and help heal a restless mind. Although modern medicine can be embraced, it may erase the issue momentarily and not calm your mind and body. Many observe stress as a mental illness that proactively affects your mindset but what we do not realise is that stress and anxiety can hamper our routine and affect everything we feel, think and do. 


Let’s take a look at various types of stress that affects our body in different ways


·         Psychological stress- The most common type of stress which affects our decision-making ability, concentration, mood swings. Consequently, leads to anxiety, depression, irritability, self-esteem and self-confidence issues, and even memory lapses.


·         Behavioural stress- mostly develops due to trauma. It has a lot to do with addiction to work, drugs, coffee, smoking, etc. there is a constant feeling of recklessness, anger outbursts, self-neglect, and even relationship problems.


·         Physical stress-this includes infections and allergies, indigestion, muscle tensions, and even immunity-related diseases. Frequent palpitations, menstrual problems, high blood pressure, ulcers, hyperventilating, nausea are indications of stress signs at the physical level.


Most all of the problems that we deal with, surround and categorise themselves under these three major forms of stress. Unless it is life threating or an emergency, stress can be first handled through therapeutic activities and among one of the most effective ways is crystal healing.


What Is Crystal Healing?


In simple terms, it is a therapy that provides healing through the power of crystals. As you know, everything has a vibration and an oscillation. Similarly, each body part has a different frequency and vibration which resonates with the frequency of each crystal. You can call it a non-chemical reaction that connects the frequencies of the crystal and the frequencies of the stress which subtly  align to produce effective results.


How to Heal Stress with Crystal Healing?


Crystals have unique properties. If used correctly, they can do wonders for you. In this case, it can manage stress and anxiety. Take a look at the best crystals for you to combat problems related to stress.




Amethyst is a great crystal for days when you feel overwhelmed with pressure and uncertainty. It could also help you overcome anxiety attacks. It brings clarity and attracts positive vibrations.


·         Display amethyst crystals in your room to create a positive ambience.

·         Wear an amethyst bracelet to stay calm all day long.

·         Place the amethyst crystal on your Heart Chakra or use amethyst palm stone while meditating.


Clear Quartz


Also known as the master healer, clear quartz is just what you need to find inner peace. Amidst days of distress, clear quartz helps in bringing tranquillity to tense situations. The best way to embrace the healing properties of clear quartz is by wearing clear quartz jewellery to keep the vibrations of the crystal aligned to the frequencies of your body.


Black Tourmaline

Another great way to release stress is by wearing black tourmaline jewellery or keeping the crystal near you at all times. It is known for its revitalising and protective properties that help in warding off negativity and toxicity.


Considered among the best stones for EMF protection, Shungite is known to relieve insomnia and anxiety by attracting peace, calm, and tranquillity. Place Shungite spheres, pyramids, or cubes at your home or office premises to keep the negative and toxic influences at bay.

To conclude, it is possible to stay calm and at ease through crystal healing. By simply keeping any of the above-mentioned crystals in your pockets and at your home could bring remarkable changes to your life and your mental health. 

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