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How Do I Use A Crystal Or Any Energy Tool?

If you are considering using crystals or an energy tool to gain a desired result, it is natural to have some questions about what it is or how to use these tools. You must be wondering how vibration works with using crystals and other forms of energetic tools such as rattles, feathers, shamanic drums, laser points, pendulums, or wands. Hopefully we’ll get your questions answered and you’ll be able to embrace the concept completely and gain the results that you want. This article illustrates why and how you should use a crystal or any energy tool.


How are crystals related to vibrations?

You may be aware that a high vibration has a positive effect on all of us while a low vibration is considered draining or in some cases detrimental. Even though crystals are commonly viewed as energy tools, it doesn't necessarily work in that way, that is just having a crystal and waving it doesn’t necessarily make it an energy tool. When it comes to crystals, especially in Australia, you need to think of vibration as being fast or slow instead of high or low. It is considered healthier to operate with vibrations at a higher frequency and you may feel the vibration of a crystal when you are holding it in your hand. It may be tingling or feel hot or cold or you may have a feeling of great happiness.


How is vibration related to your moods and emotions?

The human body has a neutral energy base. This neutral energy base could be either high or low. This means that our daily lives could affect the base energy and cause a dip or a spike. You could be feeling good and then become in contact with a person or a situation such as negative emotions, an unhealthy environment, or a diet that lowers your frequency and makes you feel low as a result.


How do crystals and other energy tools work?

The primary goal behind using crystals and other energy tools is to help in elevating your neutral vibration. The base vibration is different for everyone and is based on your diet, state of mind, physical body mass, relationship dynamic, family dynamic, environment, wounding, and level of awareness. Your vibration is unique and specific to just you. Nobody else can carry this vibration. However, a lot of people that you become in contact with may resonate differently with or connect to energy parts of you, also known as chakras.


How do particular crystals operate?

Crystals are used to counter and mainly balance any fluctuations in your base energy. It is generally seen that people are uncomfortable when the frequencies at their neutral baseline change. For instance, when you get hurt or feel pain, that part of your body vibrates at a high frequency. Malachite may be used to ease the pain. It has a stable, soothing, slow, and low vibration. When you bring Malachite around an area of pain, these slow vibrations connect with the fast vibrations of pain. Eventually, the fast vibration slows down and returns to your base energy, and you feel comfortable. Similarly, if you are depressed and have a dull, slow, and low vibration, using Lepidolite or Kunzite can increase your vibrations.


Why should you use crystals or other energy tools?

Crystals are the ideal tool that can support you energetically while you manage how to offer your body what it requires. When you understand the relationship between various energy tools and the different parts of your energy system and start listening to your body, you will be able to pay attention to what you are drawn to, and this can help you in shifting things in your life quite rapidly.



To conclude, when you use any energy tool, you need to look at whether it lowers or raises your overall vibration, and this can help you in choosing the one you need for the current situation. If you have high anxiety, you would, in that case, go for crystals that offer you a soothing and grounding effect to balance your base vibrations. If you feel low, you should be focused on using crystals that can slowly increase your vibrations and pull them up into neutral.


Next steps to take

First thing is to make sure you obtain your energy tools and crystals from a reputable source in Australia, and if you can buy them at wholesale prices and online all the better. Always ask if the crystals have been obtained by ethical means. Generally large online crystal wholesalers need to abide by international law and one of the best and mindful crystal wholesalers is HWH Crystals, where the crystals carry a high vibration.

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