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How do I cleanse or charge my crystals? What's the difference?

Crystals are beautiful and if you want to utilize their energy, you cannot simply wear them from off a shelf. Crystals are believed to generate energy fields by vibrating at frequencies that a person can pick up on and hold on to, to generate a healing or desired result. To access this energy, you need to take care of your healing crystal. The most important part is buying quality wholesale crystals and taking care of by charging and cleansing them.


Why is cleansing my crystals important? 

Crystals are believed to hold memories and they are also known to absorb the vibrational energy and frequency of everything around them. When you handle a healing crystal, the environment you keep the crystals in or take or carry them through, and the net vibes that they are in contact with can all be potentially be absorbed by the crystal. So you need to take care of any energy being picked up by your crystal. When you clean your crystal, you can sweep away all of its energy and vibes and help the crystal in getting back to its pure and natural state. Cleansing your  crystals will help you in working with the crystal the way you want it to and keep all those bad vibes away.


Why should I charge my crystal?

There are many times that the energies picked up by your crystal can potentially be in the opposite direction of the innate traits of particular crystals or even opposite to what you want the crystal to attract in your life. This acquired and accumulated energy can easily clog your crystal and block it from doing the particular work you want it to. However, once you are done cleansing your healing crystal, you may need to charge your crystal to allow it to manifest the energy and expressions you would like it to. If you have been carrying your crystals with you or wearing them on you, it wont hurt to get home and start cleansing and charging them, particularly if someone else has handled it.


How do I cleanse and charge my crystals?

There are many different ways to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Here are some ways: 

       Run your crystals under a stream of water, tap or a natural stream, for up to a minute, and then submerge it in clean water and start patting it dry.

       To dismiss any negative, bad or clingy vibes, you can cover the crystal with brown rice, just like you would do with a broken phone. And after some time, you can simply remove the rice and pat your crystal dry to remove any flakes.

       You can leave your crystal out in some natural light by simply putting it on a windowsill for the entire day from dusk to dawn. This way, you can get your crystal cleaned easily in both moonlight and sunlight.

       You can also submerge your crystal in a shallow bowl of water mixed with some rock salt for up to a few hours and get it super-cleansed.

       If you wear a giant crystal regularly, it may prove to be a little difficult. To clean it easily, you can go for sound cleansing instead of moving it around. You can also use this trick to clean a large collection of crystals. For sound crystals, you can pitch or sound a singular tone with a tuning fork, chanting, a singing bowl or a bell for up to 10 minutes.

       Burying your crystal overnight or longer helps to ground the crystal and cleanse it in a positive manner, by bringing your crystal back to the earth from where it was found.

       Placing on a Selenite Charging Plate or Amethyst Cluster has some beneficial cleansing effects. You can also program the cluster or charging plate to reprogram your crystal every time it is placed on it.



Cleansing and charging your crystals can be extremely helpful when you first acquire your crystal. After all, you never know what or where all your crystals have come into contact with or what energies they may have picked up. You can also cleanse and charge your crystal afterwards, even after repeated use.


Always remember that it is important, and even more so nowadays, that the acquiring of your crystal, right from the beginning, is to buy from a reputable and ethically sourced supplier. HWH Crystals always strives to do this and is your best supplier for obtaining wholesale crystals in Australia.


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