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Healing Crystals and How To Use Them!

 Do you want to learn about crystal healing & how it is done – which crystal is right for you? Then continue reading as this guide on healing crystals has everything you need to know!
Crystal healing is as old as the advent of the ancient civilisations in India, Mesopotamia, and Greece. It is safe to say that it is at least a 6,000 years old practice.
Crystals are believed to interact with the energy centres or the ‘chakras’ of the body, thereby promoting relief and grounding excess negative energies.
Despite the belief that crystal healing is a non-traditional healing system or pseudo-science, crystal healing has become popular over the years as people are looking for a holistic approach to fix their concerns which can step from the modern environment and factors included.

Choosing Your Crystal for Healing

First, choose the crystal that is helpful for healing certain concerns you may have – Not all crystals are the same! Most of them have specific healing properties. For example:
  • Rhodonite is used for health, especially for energy, tissues and vitality.
  • Apache Tear is used for lifting the spirit and positive thinking.
  • Ruby is used for love life and romance.
  • Garnet is used for sexual issues and sensuality.
  • Green Jade is used for balance, growth, emotional well-being and relationships.
  • Rose Quartz is used for love of others, self-love, and acceptance.

How To Use Crystals For Healing

Once you have picked the right crystal, then it is time to use it!
It is important to understand the healing effect that you want to achieve, as you will need to ‘program’ the crystal first with your healing intentions.
Crystal programming is a process of transferring your specific healing thoughts and feelings into the crystal’s energy pattern. In simple words, you charge the crystals with your energy and intentions by visualising the desired outcome.
Here’s how:
Choose the crystal and sit down with it in a peaceful place away from disturbances and noise. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand (i.e. right hand for right-handed people), and clear your mind of unrelated thoughts.
Make sure you are relaxed and keep your thoughts in your heart centre and bring about feelings of love. Feel the harmony within you when you are experiencing complete relaxation, and your experience is as if you are within yourself or with God or Spirit.
Then you can focus on your intention by saying or experiencing the things you want to enter the desired result or program within your crystal. For example, if you want the crystal to bring relaxation, start chanting the words “I program this crystal to bring about a relaxation response within me”. The words should be repeated in a whisper so that your voice doesn’t attract any attention.
Be sure to speak into your non-dominant hand (left hand if right-handed), then covering the crystal with your non-dominant hand to transfer your energy to the crystal. Continue repeating your intention until you feel that the vibrations have transferred from your thoughts, to the crystal.
Once you sense that your crystal has accepted or is filled with your intentions, open your hands and thank the crystal. Your crystal is now charged. This method of programming a crystal is also compatible with tumbled stones, spherespolished crystals, minerals and gemstones rough chunks or polished.
To reuse the same crystal for another concern, hold and rub the crystal while requesting the energies to released. Then repeat the steps and use the same process of programming.
You can carry your charged crystal with you everywhere you go – in a pocket, bag, purse or it can even be worn as a piece of jewellery.

How to Choose Your Crystals?

It is essential to choose the correct crystal that works well in alignment with your intention and concern. If you don’t have a concern, and are looking for a crystal for general well-being – stand in front of the crystals at the store and close your eyes. When you reopen your eyes, simply pick the one you feel most drawn to!
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