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Fluorite Meaning, Healing Properties & Everyday Uses


Fluorites are extraordinary healing stones for people who can do with a sharper and in depth sense of clarity. Decision making could be hard for many people, and the mind is prone to easily become muddled with all the vast choices and tangled webs of information to filter and analyze. It’s quite tricky to regularly stay connected with the many deeper feelings you experience and unfold what you truly want from your heart. This is precisely where fluorite steps in. One of the most beloved stones, that you can buy wholesale. Fluorite also comes with many healing properties and everyday uses:

What is Fluorite?

Fluorite is a kind of calcium fluoride that belongs to a type of the cubic crystal system and comes from halide minerals. It is transparent and is found in various colours of pink, clear, black, yellow, green, blue and purple, single or layers of these shades. Fluorite offers a sense of direction, imparts confidence, and teaches self-love to the wearer. When you are buying wholesale crystals online, you can find the colour of Fluorite that aligns with the chakra that you are trying to align. You can neutralize all negative energy and fill yourself with a glowing freedom.


Fluorite is a mixture of many rainbow moods. It emits a fluorescent light equipped with imparting various colours at diverse angles. It is one of the most precious stone or crystal that is equipped with the power of swapping out all negative energy with a freedom feeling glow. It connects with your body and its energy fields beautifully and leaves you with a deeper sleep, a soft and calmer mood, spirited joy and metaphysical, emotional, and physical benefits.

Cut through all mental chatter and let your aptitude shine

Originally discovered in balmy Brazil and tropical Mexico, it is no surprise that Fluorite imparts sun-like energy, rich and radiant. Even at a simple glance, you begin to sense the potential of life to be sublime and simple. Also called the Genius Stone, Fluorite is well known for its mind-clearing properties and is extremely popular among Australians sourcing their crystals from a reputable and ethical crystal wholesale supplier. It enables you to cut through all confusion to allow your true aptitude to shine while enlivening your spiritual energy and soul.

Fluorite symbolizes balance and harmony

Fluorite is a crystal that, in a spiritual sense, symbolizes balance. It helps you establish harmony with your inner self and with other people, find joy, and reach balance in everything that you strive for. Fluorite can help you in cleaning out your soul and clearing any junk that is present in your mind. This beautiful gentle fluorite crystal is one of the most favoured aura cleansers worldwide. For people who have trouble with direction or those who tend to keep themselves filled with worry and need some help in confidence and self-love, Fluorite can bring tremendous healing properties.

Don’t confuse getting rid of all negative energy with positive whitewashing

One of the most vital qualities of these is their unparalleled ability to say goodbye to all remaining negative energy. However, don’t think that Fluorite is just about positive whitewashing. They are easily available in a very high quality, and you can buy from a wholesale crystal supplier in Australia or buy wholesale crystals online. Fluorite allows you to feel all your feelings, and instead of getting drowned in a thick array of emotions, it can help you in holding your perspective, being objective and not falling into catastrophic thinking. Fluorite is always ready to rebalance and align your chakras.

Final Thoughts on Fluorite

Fluorite loves to remove all smoky uncertainties to help you in making your decisions based on clarity and truth. It can clear out your chakras and perform a deep clean on your aura. This stone is like a dose of spring cleaning for your head and your heart. One of the most important things regarding Fluorite is that it has so many distinct shades, which means that you can select your stone easily based on the chakra that you want help with. No matter where you reside in Australia, be it Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, if you want to make a difference in your life by reducing the mental chatter and the negative energy around you, you should consider buying Fluorite from a wholesale crystal supplier in Australia, that sources ethical crystals and experience its benefits.

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