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Everything You Need To Know About Distance Healing For Physical Wellbeing

Every day, the world is progressing towards technological advancements, a sense of balance can get restored with the uplifting awareness towards maintaining your mental health, physical health and the body’s spiritual energy. Of course eating healthy, exercising daily would keep you in sound condition but what about the energetic health of your body? In this case, crystal healing layouts or distance healing may help in a profound way.

What is Distance Healing?

In simple terms, any kind of holistic energy that is directed with a healing effect or intention towards a recipient across time and space, can be defined as distance healing.  In a way, it is intentional healing despite the distance and time. The recipient does not need to be close to the healer as it is different from in-person healing. Distance healing can be done over a phone call even at a time decided by the healer and recipient.

In distance healing, the healer first assesses the recipient’s subtle and energy body by working with the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of the recipient. In this case, the meridians, chakras, energy fields or aura, the koshas and nadis are taken into consideration.

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Although it could be a bit challenging to comprehend the whole idea behind distance healing when you first encounter it, it could work if you deviate and understand beyond the perceptions of physical reality, space and time.  According to Yogis and healers, time is nothing but an illusion and therefore, when the recipient is open to their perceptions about energies, time and space; it will become a lot easy to understand and receive the healing. All the more important to manifest healing and positive changes in the recipient.

The usual, common perception of time and space is not considered when distance healing is conducted by energy healers. To simplify this concept, think about telepathy. You think of someone close someday and they call you the same day. The energies travel and it is no coincidence. The same techniques are used by holistic healers. That is how they transmit the healing energy to the recipient.

How to apply the principles of distance healing to a layout for yourself?

Although performing a layout for yourself is not easy as it looks but it is somewhat like meditation. You have to struggle with concentration, flexibility, and reaching out and far. You will also have to manage the crystals during this process. As complicated as it seems, it is possible and therefore you don’t need to fret.

All you need is a representation of yourself. This could be your name written on a piece of paper or your photograph. Also, have the distance healing board or a drawing of the human body in front of you on which you can place your crystal layout for physical well-being. Throughout this process, you must intend to send yourself or your friends and family members immense healing. 

Next, make sure you are grounded and your energy channels are open. Begin by placing a brown, red, or black grounding crystal just below and between your feet. This is the grounding cord. You could use crystals like Red garnet, Black onyx, Black tourmaline, or Red jasper to keep yourself grounded and ready for absorption of energy.

Now use a grounding stone on either side of the body. Use a Bronzite, Septarian Nodule, Dravite tourmaline, petrified wood or smoky quartz. These crystals anchor your energy body during distance healing so that there is an easier flow of energy.

Next, to create positive shifts and balance in your well-being place dark green crystals like emerald, bloodstone, green aventurine, malachite or bloodstone. Place them near the hips. This will help realign all the energetic imbalances in your aura.

Lastly, place a white or clear crystal like clear quartz, clear calcite, selenite, howlite, or scolecite near the head or the crown chakra. This is particularly important for the cloudiness and blockages potentially in the mind and to help get rid of any energetic debris.

Now, stay calm and indulge yourself in this layout for half an hour and leave the layout untouched overnight. In the end, remove the crystals in the opposite order and cleanse them thoroughly. All in all, it takes practice and understanding to conduct distance healing for yourself. However, it gets easier, better and more effective each time. Just remember to set you intention before each distance healing session and this will send positive crystal healing energy to the recipient.

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