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Crystal Healing Fundamentals, 8 Best Crystals For The Beginner


Every crystal has its own distinctive set of characteristics and features, tailored to a particular purpose to enable you to get clarity about your intentions and exemplify your goals and aspirations. There are a lot of different methods by which you can incorporate healing crystals into your lifestyle and your life. This process is enlightening, and it can also be daunting. The Earth provides you with a yield of energy and natural power, with many different kinds of crystals and stones, for each condition and emotion. To help you get started, here are some of the best healing crystals for beginners that you can easily obtain online from a reputable Australian wholesale crystal supplier:


Shungite, the neutralizing stone

Shungite can help to balance the detrimental effects of EMFs or Electro-Magnetic Frequencies that are radiated from persona; devices and technology that permeates your daily lives. You can place a Shungite pyramid in areas to neutralize the impact of EMFs, help you feel satisfactory, think more plainly, and stay motivated. Shungite Phone Disc


Selenite, the purifying crystal

Selenite is used for clarity and cleansing of a specific environment or space and even with your energy levels. If you feel stuck, lethargic, or discouraged, Selenite could help you in clearing away these cobwebs to brighten, re-energize, and reset your spirits. The high vibrations of Selenite will keep an area inspired by directly protecting and changing the vibration of any source that has negative or low energy.


Pyrite, the confidence-boosting stone

Pyrite, also called fools’ gold, is considered to be the stone of plenty, abundance and wealth. It could help you with removing and resolving blockages that may prevent you realizing your actual potential and value. Connecting with a Pyrite stone can elevate your confidence and help you in knowing your true worth and believe that you are worthy of everything that you want.


Amethyst, the elevator crystal

Amethyst can help you connect with your inner knowing. Amethyst is also the first crystal that most beginners use. It has a purple colour that symbolizes royalty, higher learning, and an elevated spirit. You can work with Amethyst to raise your instinct, listen to your gut intuition, see with your third eye, surrender to curiosity, and self-develop to a higher awareness.


Aragonite, the problem-solving stone

Aragonite is considered to be the perfect stone if you need a break through and deal with an obstacle that is interfering with your growth. Everyone encounters deterrents or roadblocks that need to be overcome. Using Aragonite with these struggles, you can become stronger, get better, adapt naturally, and evolve. You can use an Aragonite stone to get the necessary confidence to ensure and persist, knowing that there is a way out, and that you will find it. You will find a wonderful array of colours with this crystal that can be used for various chakras.


Black Tourmaline, the protector crystal

Black Tourmaline is like a soldier who is ready to protect and shield you against any negative and dark energy. You could use this stone to get some level of protection, particularly when you need to manage health issues or when you feel vulnerable. If you feel a bit weakened from life and work, Black Tourmaline can help elevate your stores of energy and assist with protection and getting strength back.


Rose Quartz, the love magnet stone

Rose Quartz is a crystal considered to be a love magnet. It can help you in elevating yourself, showing love, keeping love, and attracting love. You can channel its gentle nurturing pink energy and feel motivated by love. Love is one of the most influential and omnipresent forces on Earth. Rose Quartz can help with love of self as well as love of others assisting not only in finding the love of your desire but also of realizing or becoming aware that it has arrived.


Clear Quartz, the manifesting crystal

Clear Quartz radiates a bright light that can act as a beacon assisting to lead you to a clear purpose and vision. It has assertive qualities that could help crystalize and clarify the things you want. Clear Quartz symbolizes perseverance, patience, and purity. It is a powerful and versatile crystal that can help you in staying clear-headed during times of stress or adversity.



Now that you have been taken on a journey toward personal growth and self-awareness, you are already a step closer to taking command of your life and realizing your dreams. The influential energy of crystals will add more meaning and dimension to this process. All here at HWH Crystals wish you a wonderful journey of awakening.

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