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Crystal Grids, How to Create & Use Them!


Crystals are used to represent sacred geometrical forms in three dimensions. Sacred geometry is the element that exists in all matter. It is a galactic and universal language. Crystal Grids are deliberate energy tools that can integrate sacred geometry and crystal energy. In simple terms these are arrangements of crystals in a Geometric design, pattern, or shape that is programmed with a purpose.


Constructing crystal energy grids using crystals can be an extremely powerful way to use and work with crystal energy, along with your intention you can access self-healing, spiritual growth, increase manifestation, align your spirit with your purpose, receive guidance, deepen your mediation practice and explore a higher consciousness.


Crystal Energy Grids can even be constructed as a cosmic gateway or inter-dimensional psychic bridges, and mental portals. They are deemed to be vibrational symbols to communicate and access the astral realm, galactic star systems, akashic records and higher consciousness. These can be used for enhancing and aiding astral travel, psychic abilities, accessing healing energy and channeling your spiritual power.


How to create a crystal grid


An essential primary crystal grid could be made using a single central crystal. You need to keep this crystal in the centre of your room and place four crystals in the directions of north, south, east and west around this piece. To construct a more powerful crystal grid, you could represent and use crystals to showcase seven directions, which includes the main four and three more within, below, and above. Remember to use crystals ethically sourced to enhance the power of your grid and buying wholesale crystals and stones that are sourced in Australia is a great way to minimise the cost without jeopardising the energy of your crystal grid.


By using these basic formations, it is extremely simple to alter and expand with an infinite number of crystals in different formations and patterns that are meaningful to you. You could even incorporate various spiritual tools and sacred objects into your crystal grid like incense, coins, tickets, keepsakes, photographs, jewellery, beads, feathers, dried herbs, flowers, and plants, among many other objects that you might wish to find out more information about.


How to use a crystal grid


To use a crystal grid, you should start by arranging it in a peaceful and sacred place, this can be either indoors or outdoors. Now sit down and concentrate on your spiritual guide while meditating asking for guidance and setting your intentions. You need to create a focused and clear intention, usually best to have this before you start. Now you can select the special area for your grid where you can start to create it. You might want to allow the space to help you select a sacred geometric design, pattern, or shape for your crystal grid now, or you could even allow the  Geometric design to develop and tack shape as you start laying out these natural or polished crystals to form your design.


Many times, the vision or idea for a crystal grid can come to you intuitively as a special design, pattern or symbol that you designed or imagined, this is the time to let your intuition flourish. You can now start to make a crystal grid in the same pattern you have created, found, or designed. You can start with a crystal energy combination or a centre crystal that you are drawn to. Sometimes you may not envision the grid when you first start laying it out. Focus on being open and intuitive to see how your crystal grid turns out. When you lay out your crystal grid, you are essentially activating it with the laying of the final crystal. Once your crystal grid feels complete, you will need to seal it using an affirmation and your intention for the grid. This crystal grid would be activated and dedicated and would carry its purpose until you dismantle or clear it, you will then be ready to sit within the grid and absorb the energy. You can sit anytime with your crystal grid and meditate whenever you experience a calling to do so.




Working with a crystal grid is a completely intuitive practice. When you create a crystal grid, you are learning about the energy levels of your crystals while developing an elevated ability that helps you sense the various energies of your stones. As it is quite a personal practice, there is no one way to make your crystal grid. Listen to yourself, your intention, and become aware of your affirmations and intentions and you will be able to create a crystal grid that feels right to you.

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