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Cleansing & Protecting Your Space Using Crystals & Herbs


It is normal for your space to feel a little stagnant sometimes due to an excessive build-up of spiritual presences or negative energy. These negative energy presences can change the energy fields in your home and may promote energy depletion that can cause frustration, stress, depression, sadness, low motivation and a general feeling of un involvement in life. However, you can change these effects quickly with the help of Cleansing & Energy Crystals and herbs. Let us look at how cleansing and protecting your space with crystals and herbs can offer you some positive impacts.


How to cleanse your space with herbs

Cleansing your space by burning herbs is a time-tested technique. You can light any tightly rolled dried herb of your choice, such as palo santo, rosemary, thyme or sage, wait for a while, and blow out the flame. You need to allow its smoke to go throughout your space and guide it with a feather or your hand. However, keep in mind that you need to practice fire safety and keep these things away from any flammable surfaces and do not leave them burning too long. To hold or extinguish the smoke, you can use an abalone shell, a ceramic dish, or a bowl filled with sand as a resting place. Also, make sure that you leave the door or a window open to facilitate proper ventilation.


Which crystals should you use to cleanse your space

Many stones and crystals pair well with burning herbs and help you protect and cleanse your space. Some of these are:

       Amethyst- Amethyst can help you clear out any prevailing negative energy and break bad habits. It invites spiritual awareness and optimism.

       Himalayan Pink Salt- Himalayan Pink Salt is known to emit positive ions, which can attach themselves to the negative ions present in the air. These negative ions can enter your space with anything from debris and dust to dirt and cause them to feel weighted and fall. Once they are on the floor, you can vacuum them up.

       Selenite- Selenite can promote peaceful energy and harmony.

       Citrine- Citrine can invite abundance, luck, and good fortune.

       Clear Quartz- Clear Quartz encourages general healing and promotes mental clarity.

       Black Tourmaline or Obsidian- Black Tourmaline or Obsidian can help you clear and block any prevalent negative energy.


How to use crystals to cleanse your space

You can place the cleansing crystals in your space and use them as a crystal grid, decor, reminders, or manifestation tools. These crystals are used to help you listen to your intuition and help you do what feels right to you on the inside. You can use the crystals and herbs interchangeably and program them into helping you embody your dream space, motivate you, protect your space, and engage in your cleansing ritual.


What if negative energy fields refuse to vacate my space?

You may often encounter energies that feel a little more difficult and give you the impression that they are refusing to leave your space quickly. This can be true if you have tried cleansing it multiple times, but the negative energies don’t feel different. This generally means that you have unresolved issues with someone close to you, like a romantic partner, a friend, or a family member. Stubborn negative energy fields tend to linger when you feel excessively frustrated. It would help if you cleaned your space every time you have any contact with something troubling you. Try and get in touch with where the feeling of stuck energy is coming from, often back tracing your movements until you discover when the feeling started is a good way to find where the blockage may be coming from.



When things start to feel a little stagnant or stuffy in your school, car, office, or anywhere you visit, the first thing that comes to mind is improving air circulation, adding some fresh indoor plants, and redecorating. However, even though these may work a few times, it is not enough. You can regularly clean and protect your space using crystals and herbs from a reputable wholesale crystal supplier in Australia to add a power-packed agent that renews energy and encourages good vibes. The herbs to use can be extremely satisfying if grown from seed and pack a greater cleansing ability, however bought herbs are equally beneficial. We hope you enjoy your crystal and herb cleansing journey.


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