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Best Crystals for Zodiac Signs


Looking for the right crystal and overwhelmed by a myriad of choices? Pick a stone according to your zodiac sign to transfer the positive energy into your original self.


Each crystal houses many different healing energies that can help you identify your goals, giving you the motivation that you might need to achieve all your goals. 


Whether you’re an Aries who is looking to bring positive emotions into your life or a Leo who needs a grounding stone to calm down strong emotions, here we have mentioned a healing stone for each of the zodiac signs. 


Carnelian for Aries:


Aries is the first zodiac sign, the presence of Aries usually can trigger something energetic and turbulent as well. Aries is a motivated, confident and passionate leader who is able to confidently create a community with their vivacious personality and strong determination.


The ruler of Aries is Mars that stands for war, conflict and aggression. Therefore, they need Carnelian to ground their energy.


The crystal will help them plan their strategy wisely. Carnelian is dubbed as the gem of the earth that represents the strength and beauty of our planet. It also acts as a grounder of energies. 


Rose Quartz for Taurus:


The ruler of Taurus is Venus, which represents romance, love, beauty, attraction and gratitude.


Rose Quartz is an ideal stone for Taurus to promote the signature qualities of Venus. In other words, this stone increases love kindness and compassion in the life of Taurus natives. Considered as the crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is associated with the heart.


The subtle pink essence unleashes a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, kindness, tenderness, nourishment, healing and comfort. 


Turquoise for Gemini:


Gemini is ruled by Mercury that is the planet of writing, movement and communication. Turquoise is an age old stone for healing.


This beautiful blue stone has all the shades of the ocean, interacting with the throat chakra so you can speak your truth and activate your inner critic to grow on a personal level. 


Moonstone for Cancer:


Cancer is ruled by the moon, making the lunar cycle important for the people born of this sign. The lunar cycle intensifies the internal mysteries of Cancerians and creating emotional patterns that are not in their control. 


The moonstone gemstone is as old and as mysterious as the moon itself. It is known for balancing emotions as well as bringing clarity to life. This stone is associated with the heart chakra, making a wearer more receptive to and admire their inner feelings. 


Citrine for Leo:


The ruler of Leo is the Sun which is located at the centre of the Solar System. Leo represents fire. That’s why this sign of Leo are intense and passionate. 


The energy of Citrine crystal is like the sun: energizing, warm, penetrating, life-giving and comforting. This stone is a sunny, bright crystal that interacts with the energy of Leo. As the ruler is the Sun, this Leo stone increases their warmth and generosity, bestowing them with positivity, joy and energy. 


Amazonite for Virgo:


Virgos are passionate about details as well as like to stay organized. They are ruled by Mercury, blessing them with a developed sense of writing and speech, as well as all other communication forms. Amazonite is a cooling and soothing stone that facilitates personal expression with ease and inner kindness. 


Virgos are driven by a stern inner judge. Amazonite is a stone of kindness and self-respect, providing them much needed balance in such a scenario. 


Pink Tourmaline for Libra:

Librans are blessed with balance and harmony. They spread love and cleanliness around them and their personal space. The ruler of Libra is Venus which represents love, attraction, beauty, romance and gratitude. 


As people born under Libra they also have insecure energy within, Pink Tourmaline can help dissolve and clear negative energy patterns of insecurity and puzzlement and get it replaced with love and clarity. 


Belonging to the tourmaline family, Pink Tourmaline is a mix of protective and cleaning energy and a gemstone for the heart chakra. 


Ruby for Scorpio:


Scorpios are a passionate, assertive, and intense people. Their ruling planet is Pluto which represents regeneration and transformation. Ruby is the gemstone associated with the Sun. It is a great gemstone for courage, motivation, and empowerment, especially when Scorpions are suspicious, uninspired and doubtful. 


Ruby is a Navel Chakra stone, allowing it to be utilized by the creative forces into all aspects of our passion and well-being. 


Sodalite for Sagittarius:


Known for being energetic and curious, the people born under the star sign of  Sagittarius are open minded and driven by more of a philosophical view on life. They are a born traveller. Their ruling planet is Jupiter which is the largest planet of the zodiac. 


Sodalite is dubbed as a Third-eye stone, meaning that it is a stone of insight. This stone is useful for all Sagittarians when it comes to searching for the meaning of life by helping in the understanding of their inner self. 


Peridot for Capricorn:


Peridot reminds you that your body is powerful and can withstand anything, especially when strength is required to deal with your personal issues. The Sea-Goat is the symbol of Capricorn. That’s why they are often compared to the mountain goat. Goats are likely to climb to the top of the mountain at their slow and steady pace. So Capricornians can be termed as the most determined sign in the zodiac. Committed to following their vision and dreams, they keep on going till they make it to the top.


Peridot is the releasing stone for Capricorn. It helps you overcome negative patterns that bother you. It will keep your mind fixed on a higher consciousness, helping you control your destiny. Peridot’s subtle energy can protect you from harsh remarks and promote self-love. 


Peridot is also the stone of the Solar Plexus Chakra, meaning that it can help clear negative feelings like anger, fear, resentment and other emotional scars. 


Gem-Silica for Aquarius:


Aquarius born people are calm and guarded, but they can be mysterious, eccentric and free-spirited. The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus. It has a shy, odd and sometimes aggressive nature, but it also improves Aquarius visionary quality. 


Gem Silica is dubbed as one of the most beautiful stones to promote peace. As Aquarians are likely to be active, they might be prone to anxious and nervous energy. Gem Silica increases patience, tolerance, humility, compassion and kindness. 



Sugilite for Pisces:


Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. That’s why Pisceans are more intuitive than others and blessed with artistic talent. Their creativity is unleashed even in their routine activities. They have commendable imagination power, helping them excel as an artist, musician and writer. 


Sugilite or Lord Luvulite is a third eye stone. It is a deep purple stone that can promote spiritual development. The strong metaphysical properties of this stone will help the Pisces born make the most of their wisdom and encourage them to face their fear bravely. 


So these are the stones for your zodiac sign.





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