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Best Crystals for Heart Health: What to Know

(Disclaimer: Crystals can make you feel better and promote healing. However, they cannot be your primary treatment or a replacement of your medication and healthy lifestyle.) 


Did you know? Heart disease is a leading killer in Australia as it causes over 27% of deaths in the nation. More shockingly, nearly 1.2 million Australians are suffering from 1 or more heart or vascular diseases. It is estimated that at least 300,000 Australians are living with heart failure while nearly 30,000 people are newly diagnosed with it. 


You never know when (god forbid) you develop cardiovascular diseases like stroke or peripheral vascular disease. That’s why it is extremely important to have a healthy lifestyle that includes the right diet and exercise. 


And one more thing you can add to your healthy heart mission—keeping a crystal or a gemstone.


Sounds ridiculous? While taking the right food and leading an active lifestyle can keep your heart in top shape, talking about the role of crystals in this context can seem odd. But it’s not.


Certain crystals emit positive energy. They integrate with the several chakras in your body. These chakras are generally energy centres that are associated with specific nerve bundles and internal organs.


One of those chakras is the Heart Chakra that is directly related to the healthy functioning of the Heart Chakra. 


Gemstones are known to own great healing properties and wearing them can help you feel better. The use of crystals or gems for feeling great is an age-old remedy. 


The right crystals help regulate the blood circulation and minimize the strain on the heart and mind. Some of the crystals minimize other physical issues associated with the heart, thereby keeping your heart healthy and stable. 


Rose Quartz:


It is an ideal crystal for helping with heart disease as well as making you feel better after surgery. Rose Quartz is equipped with amazing magma energy too. The pink colour of rose quartz emits a potent feel good energy with calming effects on the heart chakra. 



The use of emeralds for assisting the circulatory system dates back to ancient times. It assists to calm down those racy heartbeats, making it ideal for easing anxiety and an irregular heart rate. 


The Green aventurine stone is said to be useful for clearing up plaque and build up in your coronary valves, possibly making it an ideal stone for those who are suffering from high cholesterol. 

Red Jasper:

It is an ideal crystal to trigger your root chakra. It is believed to remove toxins from the blood vessels, useful after bypass surgery. 

White Pearl:

White pearl is recommended for anaemic people with immunity issues due to poor blood circulation. It integrates with your heart chakra efficiently. This stone can aid your healing when it comes to blood clotting and valve problems. 


Yet another amazing healing stone, kunzite can be useful to protect from the bodily events leading to a heart attack. It can also support your healing after experiencing a heart attack.  


Jade is also an effective stone to ease and prepare your mind as well as your body for healing.  



How to Use These Stones to Promote Your Heart Health?

You can choose any three of these stones and place them over the heart chakra (where your heart is located in the middle of the chest). Or you can place them in a pouch or shirt pocket, or wear them like a pendant. 


Whether you shop crystals online or at a physical retail store make sure to buy them from a verified and reputable crystal vendor to ensure that you get an authentic piece. 


Again, crystals should be used to complement your healing, not to be used as your primary treatment. If you have got severe health problems, make sure to stay in touch with your doctor and follow their advice.

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