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Best Crystals for Emotional Balance and Stability


Emotions have an important role in our lives and they can impact all areas of it when they are beyond our control. It is healthy to vent our emotions, but it is equally important how and when to do it.


Crystals can be a great support when we are overwhelmed by emotions; these shiny stones are effective friends in our journey to create emotional balance. They can heal an emotional wound, can inspire us to manage our emotions and offer us precious lessons.


With the cleaning and balancing effects of the crystals, crystal therapy is an effective way to achieve emotional balance and have control over your emotions. 


These beautiful stones are believed to absorb, store and emit energy that vibrates at certain frequencies. This energy is similar to the energy of the subtle and astral body, which are layers of bio-magnetic energy that surrounds your physical body and impacts upon your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health. 


If you are new to crystal healing for emotional health, you might still be confused about which stones do what. While a myriad of crystals have different uses, some are efficient for certain functions, such as emotional healing. When you are going through some rough patches, here are some crystals that can help you heal and promote emotional balance.




It is a stone with great protective powers: it removes negative energies from the aura that could otherwise affect it and possibly generate energy blocks.


When wearing, however, it is very important to be positive: since the stone creates a real protective barrier, it can cause the stagnation of negative thoughts within the aura itself. This stone gives precious inspiration and helps to achieve good control of emotions.


Worn on the chest, it helps to protect the lungs and respiratory system. It stabilizes extreme moods, reduces tendency to victimise the self and protects overly sensitive individuals.


Rose Quartz:


It promotes self-esteem and helps you regain self-confidence. It dissolves emotional blocks, especially if caused by sentimental trauma or abandonment.


Combined with green aventurine it is an excellent guide in difficult moments when, in particular, you are suffering from sentimental problems: these two stones help you to make the right decisions and achieve a balanced life.


Helps you to love without fear but above all it relieves the pain of  wounds from lack of or unrequited love, mitigating the fear and the sense of loneliness. It can be worn by those who may tend to be unnecessarily assertive, a bit irritable, abrupt, intolerant of others and or selfish, but also by those who are hypersensitive and freely feel love for others.


Rose quartz works on the vital centre of the heart, so it helps to protect the heart and strengthens the circulatory system. 


Lapis Lazuli:


Lapis lazuli balances the nervous system and helps lowers fever. It stimulates the intellect and for this reason, it is ideal for those who do a job that requires a lot of mental effort.


It helps to overcome inhibition and therefore is the right stone for those who want to make new friends and establish public relations. Calm, reassuring, but at the same time stimulates willpower. It assists as an excellent antidepressant.


Above all, it helps those who have some regrets and have to face important and radical changes but have confused ideas. It invites the ability to rationalise emotions, stimulates creativity and spiritual growth and helps you to have a stronger sense of self-confidence.


Perfect to hang around the neck for kids who tend to be unruly. It is the stone of spirituality par excellence: just think that the Egyptians lined the sarcophagi of the pharaohs with lapis lazuli, to align their journey into the afterlife with the celestial forces.




The moon represents emotions and the subconscious mind in many cultures. It is also believed that the moon phases can impact emotions. Moonstone, as the name suggests, strongly interacts with the Moon, therefore it is one of the best stones to deal with emotions.


It is an amazing stone for emotional stability because its energy helps balance emotions and promotes emotional intelligence. The stone can also draw out emotional patterns, as we learn these patterns, we get control over them. It also encourages you for acceptance and relief of emotional pain.




Smithsonite is a soothing stone that eases emotions, promotes self-awareness and inner reflection in challenging situations. It is used to achieve relaxation and peace as the stone helps to attract calming energies.


These soothing energies can nurture and rejuvenate you from feeling overly strong emotions and help with the reduction or elimination of panic attacks.

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