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Best Crystals For A Better Sleep Cycle

A significant component of everyone’s overall health and wellbeing but often overlooked is a good night’s rest and sleep. A well-rested person will enable the body to be active and strong, physically and mentally. It increases productivity and improves memory. All in all, when you sleep better you live better, most people fail to understand the significance of this.

In this fast-paced life, a lot of things can impede your daily routine it is imperative that you know how lack of sleep can inadvertently affect your life negatively. It is as important as exercising and eating healthy.

It is easier than you think to help overcome insomnia and irregular sleep patterns. Spending more time in bed is not the solution. This is where proven techniques like crystal healing can help you in inducing a relaxation response. Regular meditation with crystals, helps to calm you emotionally.

Take a look at some of the best crystals for encouraging a good night’s rest;


Among the most common factors that hamper sleep patterns are mind chatter and overwhelming thoughts. An anxious mind is full of constant pesky thoughts running every day round the clock. Stilbite, in this case, works wonders for you to relax your wayward thoughts which would enable sound sleep patterns. This would consequently help bring clarity to your thought processes. Stilbite crystals help balance brain activity and enable concentration and stability.


Among the most common crystals that are recommended for their stress relieving benefits due to their high amplification properties. Use amethyst jewellery to get rid of clouded mind and negative thoughts. Often stress and anxiety makes one a light sleeper, in this case, place an amethyst standing cluster crystal near or under your bed. Use it to relax yourself and promote psychic protection. Be consistent with your meditation practice as it takes time to adapt to the stimulating energies of crystals.


Although one of the most uncommon crystals known to the world, it is one of the most effective crystals to treat insomnia. Known for its calming properties and creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, cookeite should be placed under the pillow or on your bedside table to create a soothing ambience and deeply relaxed state of mind. Its vibration is known to block toxicity and negativity from your life by creating an impenetrable barrier around you. It also aids in curing muscle spasms which ultimately helps you achieve a good night's rest.



Known for its soothing and calming energies, Howlite assists you in falling asleep easily and on time. It is known to calm short-tempered people. Use it under the pillow or wear it as jewellery to make the most of its calming influence. Howlite can help in aiding anxiety, stress, depression, and related mind chatter. Known for its healing attributes, howlite also helps people who overthink and boost their patience. It also aids in attaining the best meditation experience and improve your mental health.


Scolecite is among the best crystals for relieving stress and emotional strain. The soothing energies of scolecite are known to assist with insomnia. It also encourages positive and lucid dreams while you sleep. Since scolecite resonates with the crown chakra, it is also considered a great meditation stone.

To conclude

The above crystals, in association with meditation can benefit you, concerning your sleep cycle and sleep patterns. These crystals help release the negative and gloomy thoughts which can help your mind and body relax. It would be best to cleanse the crystals regularly to make the most out of them. Also, remember to take breaks from the meditation practice, to give yourself the assurance that the practice is working and to give the crystal time to recharge.

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