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8 High Vibration Crystals for Better Energy


 Bonding with a healing Crystal is an extremely personal practice. The most significant factor when you consider getting a new crystal is the way you respond to it. You have a larger selection to choose from a list of wholesale crystals based on the properties that you wish to harness, however, it's still extremely important to connect and feel the energy of an individual crystal. If you are considering getting a new crystal, here are 8 high vibration crystals for better energy:


Which type of healing crystal is best for COVID-19?

Healing crystals that help you balance your inner energy are the best to help you deal with COVID-19. The pandemic and the uncertainty it brings can take a toll on your mental health. Healing crystals that help you manage emotions like low self-worth and anger can help you in regaining your power and strength. Healing crystals that help you undo negativity and stress while calmly offering you a boost in protection and strength. Here are some healing crystals that can help you channel your inner energy during COVID-19:



Agates come in various shapes and colours and all of them are extremely useful in offering stability. With time agate could help you with positivity and confidence and grant you additional reserves of power and strength.



Amethyst is excellent for bringing relaxation and peace, diffusing tension, and producing feelings of pleasure. Amethyst could be excellent in helping you in manifestation. This crystal helps you in bringing your dreams to life and allow you to focus on yourself.


Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a strong protector that expels negative energy significantly from our minds and spaces. Black Tourmaline acts like a shield and protects you from harm and negativity. 


What are the benefits of crystal healing?

Here are some of the most important benefits of a healing Crystal along with some crystals that can offer you these:


Crystals like crystal quartz offer you the ability to connect, both with other crystals and with yourself. It can help you in linking all your chakras, and brings you close to inner harmony while clarifying your intentions, cleansing your emotions and purifying your energy.


Healing feminine energy and offering stability is best imparted by crystals like Moonstone. Moonstone can soften your emotions, quell egos, and help you align yourself with your surroundings.


Crystals like Turquoise can help you connect to your chakras and assist with communication. Crystals can encourage honesty and openness, even within your minds.


Why do people believe crystals have healing powers?

People believe in the healing powers of crystals due to the calm and serene feeling they impart. Crystals such as rose quartz can offer you a close connection with your chakras and heart and harness your loving energy. When you start connecting with healing crystals bought from wholesale crystal supplier in Australia, it can help you open your heart and gather your healing whenever you require it and at the same time freeing you of negativity.


How can people believe in Crystal healing?

Once you start connecting with the pure vibrational energy of healing crystals such as Selenite, it can fill spaces with light and brightness. Healing crystals have an essence of purity and cleansing, blocking out negativity and staleness. These could help you in connecting to more levels of consciousness, make you feel enlightened and elevated.



Since the very beginning, human beings have been focused on finding the sacred or the holy in nature. Precious stones, rocks, and  the healing crystal are sought out for the vibrations they give out and their appearance. As we spend our entire lives on Earth, keeping pieces of Earth around you can bring you strength and comfort. But the key to reaping the most benefits is by buying crystals from an ethical and reputable wholesale crystal supplier in Australia.


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