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5 Incredible Benefits and Healing Properties of Amethyst Gemstone


 Crystal therapy has been an ancient healing technique for many thousands of years. It facilitates healing through stones, gemstones and crystals. Regardless of time and age, if there is a gemstone that is preferred by most, it has to be, without a doubt, amethyst. Time and again, it is preferred by the older generations for its holistic benefits. It is every millennial’s first choice due to its beautiful, soothing colour and effect. It is most probably the most used crystal for assisting with all manner of a ailments, lets look at some below.


Take a look at some benefits of Amethyst


1. Serenity

While the benefits are countless, amethyst is preferred the most for its calming energy that relaxes a restless and anxious mind. Times are tough and one is bound to get jittery. Unsettling thoughts constantly run in the subconscious mind and that can make one stressed out generally for nothing. Wearing an amethyst or sitting beside it for that matter, is enough to ease your muscles and calm your troubled mind.

Using an amethyst brings contentment to life and enhances spiritual awareness and the meditative state.


2. Hormonal Balance

In this fast-paced world, hormonal issues are becoming a common health ailment. Hormonal changes and related developments affect the entire body in many ways. Right from irregular menstrual cycles, cellulite, migraines, acne, fatigue to PMS, menopause, and even loss of libido etc. are all issues related to hormonal imbalance.  The endocrine system is responsible for releasing and making hormones.

Amethyst is known to keep the endocrine system balanced and functioning properly. It enhances the performance of reproductive glands, hypothalamus, pineal body, thyroid, pancreas, pituitary gland, adrenal glands, and parathyroid. It is as simple as meditating regularly next to an amethyst geode to strike the balance of the body and mind in yourself, and to get that relaxed feeling that makes you feel whole again.


3 Detoxification

Relieving all kinds of health ailments begins with cleansing of the body from the inside out. Without it, the relief will not have long-term effects. Detoxification involves the body to process and facilitate the elimination of toxins. Also, a detoxified body helps open all the chakras and keeps them balanced. Amethyst helps in detoxifying the body due to its incredible cleansing abilities. Keeping the amethyst stone in the room is enough to cleanse you from the inside out, as it keeps the mind refreshed and thoughts on positivity and away from negativity.


4. Weight Loss

Losing weight has less to do with what you see on the weighing scale and a lot to do with the underlying reasons that lead to weight gain. So, there is no one way to lose weight. Staying consistent with your daily habits will eventually enable you to lose weight successfully.

Amethyst as mentioned above, helps in balancing hormones, detoxification, and promoting stable mental health. All of these reasons along with avoiding bad habits helps in losing weight. Try practicing a gentle yoga and meditate with amethyst gemstones in your hand to amplify the effect of yoga and meditation on weight loss. Also, it helps balance metabolism which allows for the burning of calories effectively. Losing weight is incomplete without a proper fitness routine and good diet; Amethyst helps in relaxing the mind and keeping your thoughts away from distractions.


5. Insomnia

While you may find yourselves engulfed in issues during these challenging times, mental health should not be neglected. This affects the sleep cycle which, in turn, adversely affects your health.  The need of the hour is a calm, stimulated mind that remains active throughout the day and relaxed during the night.

Amethyst helps in improving decision-making ability and memory. This protects the mind from overwhelming and scattered thoughts. This promotes a good night sleep.

Being in touch with one's sentiments is one way to go but to make choices and decisions entirely based on emotions is not completely correct either. Amethyst gemstones help you bring clarity to life and keep you informed, grounded, stable, and in sound health.

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