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5 Best Crystals for Safe Travel & Protection!

Holidays, vacations or even short trips can get slightly hectic sometimes.  Regardless of the purpose, some days are different from the rest and the excitement can turn into an overwhelming feeling of frustration. This feeling could potentially come with a certain amount of stress but not always. Sometimes people tend to get anxious while traveling. While some cannot travel alone, others get disturbed at the sight of crowded areas, and above all, delays may get the rest of us all worked up.

These feelings can be justified since we happen to come across so many energies just in our normal daily lives. This is where buying and keeping some Wholesale Healing Crystals can help you tremendously while traveling.

Take a look at the best crystals to help you along a smooth journey;

  1. Moonstone


The ultimate mood up lifter, moonstone have a reputation for keeping you spirited and energetically charged. It works as a great companion for travelers going on long-haul or red-eye flights. Also, if you have been traveling too much, moonstone helps you ease and recover from fatigue. Works great for people who immediately feel homesick after boarding a flight, train or bus. Pack a moonstone with your luggage to help protect against losing it. Moonstone video


  1. Amethyst


This crystal is not just for your meditation and yoga sessions. There are many uses which are beyond those activities. The relaxing and calming energy of amethyst is bound to soothe an overwhelmed and anxious mind. As stressful as a trip gets, amethyst keeps your aura in a peaceful state. Amethyst can easily be the next best crystal for traveling. It will especially help travelers that are always on the run especially if there are any unnecessary delays, boarding hiccups, and minor turbulence. What's more, amethyst can act as a shield from toxic energies while you are traveling. This way you can have a safe journey with a relaxed state of mind and you will be able to enjoy the trip better. Amethyst video


  1. Aquamarine


If you are flying overseas or traveling on water as your transport then Aquamarine natural crystals or polished pieces will help with making the journey as comfortable as possible. The power of traveling on water is immense and can affect you almost anytime. Despite having the best of health, sea sickness or sudden anxiety about seeing the ocean can hit you anytime. Aquamarine stone is a powerful agent to curb that fear. Your overseas adventure will, without a doubt, be a success with it. Wear or carry aquamarine if you want to attract safe overseas travel.


  1. Black tourmaline


You can be forgiven if you fail to realize that when we travel we can catch and absorb so many varying energies and influences from other people and places. While most energies do not affect us, some could be so disturbing that it can suddenly give us unexpected mood swings. This can be an indication of negative energy around you. Black Tourmaline assists you to realise how sometimes in crowded and congested spaces it can be easy to get overwhelmed and helps you against claustrophobia, allowing you to be in a more relaxed state where you are not affected by unwanted energy. When this happens the black tourmaline crystal acts like a shield. The protective energy guards you throughout the experience and journey, creating an energetic and protective boundary against negative energies. Black Tourmaline Video


  1. Rhodonite


The trip does not end after you have securely de-boarded your flight, it ends when you have safely reached home. Some travelers might feel safe while traveling and may get anxious about seeing foreign surroundings. It could be a new culture, terrain, people etc. Rhodonite the perfect crystal to help you experience these changes with a positive and optimistic perspective. This way you can travel freely, and make new connections and memories while protecting your energy.


We hope you have a Bon Voyage! Choose the right crystal according to your needs. Make sure to buy it from a genuine wholesale crystal supplier in Australia and the crystals are genuinely mindfully and ethically sourced, to keep the energy pure as possible. Trust the crystal, stay calm and wear comfortable clothes while you travel. It will only contribute to a happy travel experience.

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