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10 Best Crystals & Stones to Attract & Enhance LOVE



10 Best Crystals & Stones to Attract & Enhance LOVE


Are you looking for love? Do you want to overcome the pain of heartache or breakups? Do you want to open to new love? Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner?


There are some specific gems and stones that support loving relationships and romance, between you and your love interest.


These stones work by healing your broken heart and opening the channels of giving and receiving so your heart is ready to open to new love. 


Some of them can be placed in the bedroom, worn as a pendant or bracelet, or simply put in a bowl or saucer. 


We have selected these stones that can help improve your love life, help you find a new love as well as reinforce your current relationships. 


Rose Quartz:


It is known as the “all purpose” crystal or “beginners love” stone. It stands for the feminine energy of peace and compassion. Rose Quartz is one of the most commonly used stones in the quartz family. Also known as the heart stone, the use of rose quartz dates back to 600 BC.


An aesthetically pleasing stone, it helps you in achieving unconditional love in various life aspects. If you put it on or near the heart, like a necklace, it boosts the heart chakra and increases self-love that in turn radiates and attracts outward love. It is a must have a stone for starting romances and gliding through the complicated feelings that come with love. 


Apart from romance, it helps you with other types of love. 


Maybe you are looking for self-love, or maybe you are looking to reinforce your family love. Whatever type of love you are looking for, it is a great stone to keep in your house or as a piece of jewellery. This is the stone to start with and have as a centre piece to your selection of crystals for experiencing love.  


Green Aventurine:


Green Aventurine derives its name from the Italian term “a ventura” which means “by chance”. While pink is often associated with romance, green can be the more accurate representation of the heart chakra. Also known as a success and wealth stone, this stone uses its energy to enhance your love life. 


This is an ideal stone for more mature stages of love, bringing passion into  lives and strengthening the emotional bond between you and the object of your affection. 




The malachite is associated with the heart chakra and can translate your passion and desires into the fabric of your life in a better way. This stone clears the memories of the past and of any betrayals that may have been experienced.


The simplest way to leverage the power of this stone is by meditating and holding it against the chest, and healing stones work by emitting healing frequencies that our chakras respond to. 


By integrating yourself with the healing power of malachite, your broken heart will start to heal, and you will start to be open and more accepting towards new relationships. 




Rhodochrosite is an attractive stone as it connects you with your inner child. Your inner child represents your true self, full of imagination and pure simple passion. 


These can be lost when the stresses of adulthood start plaguing your mind. Use rhodochrosite in your daily meditations and let it freely activate your “inner child”, and your ability to use expression to attract your true love. 

Use this also to promote genuine self-love, which is the building block of all kinds of love. 


This stone is highly recommended for people who are may be a beginner to the energy healing, as it can also help unblock and balance the heart chakra. Painful reminders and the past can make it challenging for you to open up again. Let this stone help you heal yourself and open up once again to who you really are. 


Pink Topaz:


Are you looking for a serious relationship?


Bring in pink topaz. Dubbed as a luxurious stone, topaz is one of the most efficient stones for manifestation. It evokes a level of opulence and sophistication. This stone is also believed to have lunar connections. Like different moon cycles, each colour of topaz can emit a different energy and purpose depending on your intentions. 


Opal Stone:


Opal stone represents Venus, the goddess of love, making it a great stone for beauty, love and gentleness. No wonder that wearing it can enhance love, coordination and mutual understanding between the lovers. 


Opal is available in different colours and looks very attractive. It drives away the feeling of restlessness and insecurity and makes you feel positive. 

Suitable to wear on the middle finger or the little finger. 




Garnet is said to enhance sex drive, increase feminine sensuality and battle depression. The fiery red shade represents inspiration, love, romance and especially passion. Ideal to be worn as a necklace. 


Green Jade:


Considered among the most precious stones on this planet, it reinforces love and happiness and strengthens the physical body. It represents the heart, both physically and emotionally. It is said to make dreams come true and promote long life. You can wear Jade as rings, bracelets and pendants. 


Pink Tourmaline:


Pink tourmaline is efficient in enhancing one’s mood by increasing mental and emotional positivity. Pink tourmaline helps you create strong sound relationships with others by promoting harmony and clarity. 


The stone also promotes a sense of warmth, security, and safety to be with others, which is important, especially if you have just overcome some sort of heartache. Wear this to create a safe space so you can be yourself. If you are feeling low, this stone can be useful in uplifting your mood also. 


Apart from wearing it, you can place it around your bedroom or workspace. It will emit subtle vibrations to clear off doubt and complications in your mind and heart. For a strong effect it works best when combined with other gemstones associated with the heart chakra. 



Kunzite is another effective gemstone when it comes to overcoming heartbreaks and the pain of past relationships. It helps you move on. Moreover, this stone can bring in good fortune. 


The stone cleanses your mind and heart so you can emit the right signals to the Universe. 


So these are the best crystals, whether you are looking for romantic love, divine spiritual love or the love of friendship.

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